About us

Box Electronics –sound systems manufacturer.

We have been specializing in the manufacture of complete mid power sound systems, since 1983. The main offer of our company includes active and passive loudspeakers cabinets, power mixers and instrumental amplifiers.
Our team is a group of enthusiasts associated, on a day-to-day basis, in different ways, with music. Being well acquainted with the needs of the customers of our equipment, we strive, in a reliable way, to meet their requirements.
Experience combined with a passion for music is the key to success in designing professional sound systems.

We have fixed our products with the following brand names.

Box – sound systems primarily designed for musicians and sound technicians
Rehard – portable sound systems designed for use in conference and audiovisual halls, public utility facilities as well as in outdoor operations.
Taurus – the sound system designed for instruments, mainly designed with bass players in mind

We also distribute professional stage speakers:

Sica – world leaders in the manufacturing of neodymium speakers
Celestion –Legendary British company specializing in instrumental speakers as well as sound systems speakers

In addition to typical commercial operations, we take part in many music workshops and festivals, where we offer our products to young adherents of the art music-making. Hence, they get a chance to improve their skills.


The mission and main aim of our company is to design equipment of the highest quality.

In order to meet this challenge, we systematically introduce innovative solutions using the state-of-the-art electronic and electro-acoustic technology. We consult professional musicians and sound technicians for each of our new project, the resultant products are next tested by them. Thanks to this cooperation and many years of experience in designing sound systems a whole range of products with marked functionality, reliability and innovational features have since emerged.