Neodyme active speaker 12" classD amplifier 350/700W 126dB DBS.

Professional active speakers with neodymium woofers and high-efficiency Class-D power amplifier. These features made it possible to achieve an excellent acoustic parameters while maintaining low weight and small dimensions. The control panel in the ANS series have been reduced to the bare minimum, no redundant potentiometers or switches. It is a distinctive feature of the ANS 12-15 which assures an exact reproduction of audio signal. Such solution requires to use high-end speakers and electronic components, there is no room for cheating. A user has to its disposal only LINE IN, LINE OUT and Signal Level Selector. The DBS system enabling bass boosting is the only back-up.Using it is justified only in case of operating a PA system without sub-woofers. The aim of eliminating needless pots and switches is to enable the user appropriately configure its own PA sound system. Acoustically linearly balanced active speaker, requires from the user adjusting its amplification level with 3-way selector only. The cabinet is made of multi-layer hardwood plywood. The ANS-12 works best in traditional PA systems. Depending on the requirements design of the speaker aloud to arrange the system in three different ways - vertically, horizontally angled like a typical stage monitor, and on a speaker stand.