Active subwoofer 700/1400Wat classD amplifier 18" neodyme speaker.

Professional active sub-woofer designed to work with PA systems, designated for used in discotheque, music clubs and on the stage. The sub-woofer is equipped with built in LIMITER, CROSSOVER and SUBSONIC filter. CROSSOVER guarantees optimal distribution of sound band when sub-woofer works with broadband satellites speakers. The SUBSONC filter eliminates unwanted frequencies below 20 Hz, which could adversely affect proper sounding of the PA system. The sub-woofer is based on 12-inch neodymium speaker with 4-inch coil which is equipped with a very efficient heat dissipation system. Additionally the speaker is protected by particularly effective optical LIMITER . Specially designed set of filters is responsible for ultimate acoustic features. Like sound post in violin, the filters determinate most important sound qualities of the sub-woofer. The latest generation of neodymium speakers and high-efficiency Class-D power amplifier made possible achieving top quality sound parameters . Combination of these features significantly reduce the dimensions and weight of the speaker. The cabinet is made of multi-layer hardwood plywood. The structure internally have been reinforced by special partitions connecting all the walls. It reduces the cabinet's self-resonance to the very minimum. The front cover of the sub-woofer serves as an additional acoustic filter. It eliminates unwanted high frequency sound impulses, which may appear when power amplifiers is momentary over- driven.

This speaker is produced also in custom version covered with Line-x which protecst the cabinet against moisture.