70W, 3-channel mixer, built in wireless system, serial out for additional speaker, battery powered, optional MP3 player/recorder (SD card and USB)

70W integrated sound system with wireless microphone. The CR-70 is ideal to provide sound system at diverse out-door events. It is particularly useful in places beyond the reach of the mains power supply. It will work with wireless microphone or AUDIO transmitter, which allows transmission of sound from external devices like CD player, tape deck, radio, sound mixer, etc.The CR-70 has also the possibility of connecting a microphone and two AUDIO devices. Wireless microphone, additional microphone and AUDIO devices have separate volume pots and will work simultaneously. All inputs have a common two-point equalization. Additional CR 70 can be connected with another CR-70 system.The CR-70 also has LINE-OUT output, for connecting the next amplifier. It is possible to use any number of CR-70 systems, working with one microphone or AUDIO transmitter, which makes it possible to cover a large area, distributing amplifiers within a radius of up to 100 meters from the signal source. Rechargeable battery will work, at full power, for some 5 continuous hours. In practice, this time is much longer since it is rare to have such a situation, where the amplifier is constantly at full power. CR-70 can also be powered from normal power supply. It has a set of controls that inform on battery and charging status. Is also equipped with a system for protecting the battery from deep discharge, in case the user forgets to turn it off. Two-way speaker is equipped with a 10-inch woofer and a tweeter. It has a socket for mounting the system on a tripod. CR-70 can be optionally equipped with a player with possibility of recording from USB port and with a SD card reader allowing for reproducing and recording MP3 audio files.