Portable sound system 2x75W, 4 channels mono, 2 channels audio, wireless system

Portable active system for providing sound system in conferences, lectures, seminars and special events. The CS-150 system includes active set, connecting the mixer and power amplifier built into the column speaker, and an additional column connected to the active system. It is prepared in such a way as to, depending on the user's wishes, install inside 1 or 2 wireless microphones systems. CS-150 at the same time provides for simultaneous support for two external wireless microphones, 2 line microphones and 2 AUDIO devices. There is also a line output and an INSERT, enabling recording, connecting another sound system and working with external electronic acoustic devices. CS-150 also has an output port making it possible to connect two identical systems using a single cable. Such a connection means that in addition to greater power, greater number of inputs is achieved. Both active and passive element of the system is designed to be installed on tripods from loudspeaker columns.